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Where is the borderline between stealing and gettin inspiration?

Published in life by max.favilli, 2/1/2011 (edited on 12/5/2014 ) 0

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Honestly, ideas are worthless unless you succeed into turning them into a successful product. And I am one of those who usually develop original ideas versus stealing them.
The point is a lot of people have the same ideas more or less at the same time, and as people more influential than me said in the past, any idea is owning a lot to all the previous consequential steps made by others.
The world is full of people who had good ideas and were not able to make a worth-full product out of them.

Let’s take the direction facebook took not long ago, became the social engine of the web, became a cloud-platform for everyone to build on top of and leverage on social network, either you develop games, e-commerce, news, etc…

I think is relatively original, and I think we owe that kid something for pursing it, while all the other big players, I am thinking about Microsoft, Google, Yahoo… Are missing the boldness to do the same.

And The social network is a nice movie.

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