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A better future

Published in sap by max.favilli, 11/01/2007 (edited on 20/01/2015 ) 0

Shai AgassiReading this article about Shai Agassi talk on Oracle Fusion I had few laughs. It’s interesting either for the view about the business Agassi show (pretty pragmatic and old way in my opinion, which is not necesseraly bad), and for the answers given by Jesper Andersen from Oracle side.
I can’t referein myself from noticing if a member of the board of SAP is aware about the time (5 years to develop, 3 to stabilize) required to get a new software working properly enough to sell it to clients, well they should try harder to remember it when putting on the market some of their products.

Let me add I do agree completly with Dan Farber:
“For customers, the situation is going to be a better negotiating position than in past years.”
Also for consultants the future shouldn’t be bad. I assume there will be a lot of work to do…

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