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A must read.

Published in books, web-marketing by max.favilli, 8/16/2007 (edited on 12/5/2014 ) 0

Launching something great that’s a little smaller in scope than planned is better than launching something mediocre and full of holes because you had to hit some magical time, budget, and scope window. Leave the magic to Houdini. You’ve got a real business to run and a real product to deliver.

That’s just an excerpt, you can read the full book online. I have only recently discovered 37signals, and… well… They are good. Damn good.

They are behind “Ruby on Rails“, “Backpack”, “Basecamp” and few others. But the juice is that book, it’s simple, it’s obvious, it’s clear, it’s experience on paper.

I strongly suggest to keep and eye on their products, books, everything, they are Hot!

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