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Published in life by max.favilli, 3/12/2008 (edited on 12/5/2014 ) 0

My cheap and nice morning flight to Paris was diverted to Bruxelles due too poor weather conditions over Paris. The Manneken Pis brought to my attention, once again, the importance of adaptability.

Common culture changes in waves and like many phenomena have the tendency to show a sinus rhythm, like a pendulum.

Adapt quickly to those changes in popular culture is crucial to survive. Long ago men used to pee standing up, that was considered a rough intolerable behavior by most women, a dirty toilet seat could have prevent you from getting into her bed; now, in the Paris Hilton era, pee sitting down is considered womanishly disgusting and a dirty seat a sign of your virility and ticket for her bed.

Always analyze the culture which surround you and adapt to it.

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