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Centralized, monolithic ERP software is dying; is it?

Published in cloud-computing, sap-crm-consultant by max.favilli, 2/12/2012 (edited on 11/30/2014 ) 0

In this interesting articleTien Tzuo (founder and CEO of Zuora and previously chief strategy officer and chief marketing officer at is suggesting ERP software makers like Oracle and SAP are going to fade away with their centralized software.

I think he is a little bit shallow in his conclusions.
The metric he does apply to measure ERP market health is biased, yes we are witnessing consumerization of enterprise software, and yes there’s a shift we are all experiencing from that 20th century “buy once” economy to a 21st century services-based “Subscription Economy”, but the parallels he draws between his company Zuora and ERP in general do not consider the different customer segments they are targeting.

No matter how much I believe is eating SAP lunch in the CRM arena; right now I don’t see a competitive “subscription based” offer to the monolithic, centralized, “buy once” products offered by Oracle and SAP. There’s still space to catch up for those companies.

Maybe the fat lady is not yet singing.

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