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Why new SAP UI will be a fiasco

Published in crm, sap-crm-consultant, software-development by max.favilli on 10/4/2016 10:33:41 PM

Does SAP finally understood what Web and Mobile is? Is SAPUI5 going to be the future or a future fiasco?

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CRM Release History

Published in crm by corrado.corda on 3/11/2012 8:57:49 PM

I knew some people had done that before. I just could not find it. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough. Anyway, this helped me understanding the big picture and in some way updates Max’s one. I hope it will help you too. If you find anything not quite right please let me know.

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Linkedin poll: “Which one of these CRM providers will be the leader in 5 years?”

Published in cloud-computing, crm by Radouane Kharbichi on 11/27/2014 12:24:27 PM

Many of you may have voted in the linkedin poll “Which one of these CRM providers will be the leader in 5 years?” sent by Rick Vargas Expert Direct and Database Marketing, CRM / Social CRM, Business Intelligence, Sales Force Automation. So far (7 days left), there has been 14526 votes and Salesforce is a … Continue reading Linkedin poll: “Which one of these CRM providers will be the leader in 5 years?”

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Hey you, enterprise software! You just chronically under deliver!

Published in cloud-computing, crm by max.favilli on 11/27/2014 1:06:44 PM

That’s an interesting article, I especially love that part: “He knew that this was a moment in time in the software application wars where the best product simply didn’t matter, because everyone had resigned himself or herself to the fact that enterprise software just chronically under delivers on what the sales guy promises.” Well… I still believe the … Continue reading Hey you, enterprise software! You just chronically under deliver!

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What is a lead in CRM?

Published in crm, sap-crm-consultant by max.favilli on 11/30/2014 4:15:12 PM

What a lead is not obvious to everyone, often it’s quite foggy what the difference between a lead and an opportunity is, lead is even confused with a prospect.
Leads does records a potential interest in purchasing a product or service, the interest is potential and in a lead neither the product nor the customer is necesseraly qualified. The main business partner assigned to the lead is usually a prospect. But a lead is not a prospect.

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Previously on SAPCRMnightmare

Published in crm by max.favilli on 11/27/2014 12:24:55 PM

Click on the pic to see the full size version. Just a timeline of SAP CRM releases: ramp-up, general availability, and when maintenance end. As originally published on Below the source data, sources: SAP official product availability matrix; for old releases sources are release notes and my personal memory.

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Rule 3 & 4

max.favilli il 11/27/2014 12:26:54 PM

No comment

max.favilli il 2/14/2008 2:07:14 PM

SAP CRM 2007 is here

Nithin il 1/20/2015 1:40:11 PM

Giving a look at Territory Management

max.favilli il 8/31/2007 2:16:14 AM

E Commerce in banners- Tailgate

Nithin il 2/1/2015 12:36:55 PM

The Internet face of SAP CRM and ASAP

Nithin il 7/8/2007 10:27:56 PM

The Challenges of SAP CRM

Nithin il 7/8/2007 8:30:54 PM

SAP CRM 5.0 SP07 vs 4.x

max.favilli il 6/12/2007 6:55:59 PM

I was reading this thread on sdn and this post inspired me

max.favilli il 1/20/2015 11:56:10 AM

Change Request Tables

max.favilli il 1/20/2015 11:56:41 AM

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