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CRM Release History

Published in crm by corrado.corda, 3/11/2012 3

I knew some people had done that before. I just could not find it. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

Anyway, this helped me understanding the big picture and in some way updates Max’s one.

I hope it will help you too. If you find anything not quite right please let me know.

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by Rakesh Siripurapu - 11/9/2012 alle 6:32 AM
Nice job, thanks.
by Davy Pelssers - 10/26/2012 alle 5:13 PM
great drawing! love your contributions about SAP CRM....I also started blogging about SAP CRM & SAP CRM Authorizations on my new site called might be some useful articles for you guys too..
by max.favilli - 3/18/2012 alle 10:14 PM
Great chart Corrado!