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E Commerce in banners- Tailgate

Published in crm, e-commerce by Nithin, 7/12/2007 (edited on 2/1/2015 ) 0

How many times have we been annoyed by the Banner Ads which take up screen real estate and some of the ones whose close button does not get enabled for a few seconds intially. A new system is set to add more value to the banner.

Techcrunch reports a Banner Ad system called Tailgate.

Tail gate

The USP of tailgate is that One can manage his shopping basket inside the banner and place the order also inside the banner and need not go to any other page to complete the transaction.

It claims that it can be integrated in the existing SAP platforms also. Seems a little tricky to me as this involves two way integration from the Banner to the backend. The products need to be fetched from the Back End and the orders need to be sent to the back end.

Corporate Fulfilment Database

Tailgate interfaces with your existing databases, for example CRM, fulfilment and/or logistics, seamlessly. This enables you to extend your eCommerce activities without additional investment in technology.

The technical design of Tailgate maximises integration capabilities with products from all the major database vendors, for example SAP, Oracle,, Comtec, Pegasus and IBM.


Fhlame will guarantee that TailgateTM is compatible with your Corporate Fulfilment or eCommerce database or no fee will be charged.

The site does not talk about how this integration is brought about but this would open up an immense array of opportunities for Online Commerce. Integrating the AJAXy world with our header and items of SAP…..!

Future Possibilities include

1) Realtime Inventory Check 2) Customer behaviour analysis 3) Dynamic Product Proposals

Makes me think how we can use this for a service scenario…….

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