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Facebook in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?

Published in web-marketing by max.favilli, 10/14/2014 (edited on 12/5/2014 ) 0

thinkingYou know how it works… You start thinking about something odd which happened… And the more you think about it, the more oddity comes to your mind.

In my last post I was reporting some strange behavior happening with FB ad campaigns, mysteriously pouring likes to the ad target page, without even the ad being approved yet.

But in the past weeks also I tested likes campaigns for fan pages. And what I noticed is that once I stopped the campaign, not only the likes rate per day decreased (obviously), but the balance between likes and unlikes in the following days and weeks stayed flat, in other words the total amount of likes stay the same. Which sounds odd for few reasons, 1) who goes back to unlike something? I actually never did, 2) how could likes and unlikes balance each other regularly, week after week?

It sounds suspicious.

Especially when you consider FB is not allowing you to list users who liked something from graph api and fql.

All people reporting FB likes fraud in the past were looking at profile of users liking their fan page. Because in a fan page (if you were the page admin) you could actually see the latest 500 users who liked your page. But you can’t anymore, FB removed that citing privacy concern. Now you can list only your friends who liked your page.

Privacy concern, well we all care about privacy, but these people are fan of my page, they want to connect with me, and I can’t see their FB profile?

I keep thinking it smell badly.

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