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Are Facebook likes genuine?

Published in web-marketing by max.favilli, 10/12/2014 (edited on 12/5/2014 ) 4

Facebook likes magic!Ever heard of “click farms” and “click fraud”?

Do you think you can get Facebook likes easily and massively?

Is Facebook somehow involved in this?

Mhhh…. Let’s find out…

We have a web page with very few likes…

3 likes! Nobody cares!

Let me try driving some traffic to that page with a Facebook ad!

Facebook will solve this quickly!

 We just ordered it, right?

Yeah! Let’s order it! Let’s pour money into Facebook pockets!

  Looks like… It’s not approved yet…

Ok, I am sure they will approve it soon, I can’t wait to get those precious likes!

But 2 seconds later we have some Facebook magic!

Wow! How quick! 26 likes! 23 new likes in less than two seconds!

Well, maybe there’s a lot of traffic from FB…

Not exactly…

Hey wait! It’s still not approved!?

Mhhhh… Something is wrong here…

You know what… A test is not a test if you don’t repeat it!

This post from my blog was not much shared…

Nobody cares…

Maybe some advertising will help!

Let’s fix that!

And 2 seconds later…

Oh… Facebook is so helpful!

I repeated the test 6 times.

Results are consistent:

  1. +60 likes in two seconds
  2. +48 likes in two seconds
  3. +13 likes in two seconds
  4. +24 likes in two seconds
  5. +6 likes in two seconds
  6. +23 likes in two seconds

Try it yourself!

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by Gianluca Diegoli - 10/14/2014 alle 11:18 PM
i guess that fb likes for not-so-visited pages are not updated in real time, as Google spider does for webpages. so, when you call a page for adv in fb, you force fb to update fb likes with a real and updated number of likes and shares. just an idea, i'm not a technician :)
Risposta di max.favilli il 10/15/2014 alle 12:25 AM
That's a possibility but I am skeptical. All those pages had been only for long and had very few likes, even if FB likes count has a cache which introduce a delay in displaying the right number, it's very very much unlikely the difference was so big, +60 likes, +23 likes, it's too much. At least in my opinion :-)
by gluca - 10/14/2014 alle 4:02 PM
I tried two times with two different pages, just two more Likes each time. I don't know why :)
Risposta di max.favilli il 10/14/2014 alle 4:48 PM
Which page did you try. I tried again today with another page from the same domain and I had the same result. Did you repeat the test? I noticed the number of likes being added was smaller if the audience I selected was from US.