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How to assign a IC Web Client Profile to an Org. Unit.

Published in sap-crm-2007 by max.favilli, 31/08/2006 (edited on 01/02/2015 ) 0

Need to assign a IC Web Client Profile to an Organizational Unit? For instance without this assigment the IC Web Client would launch the default IC Web Client application instead of your personalized one.

Jump to transaction PPOMW, select the position or unit you want to assign (double click and check the position/unit details are displayed on the bottom), choose from menu “goto” the first option “Detail object” and the only sub option “Enhanced object description”.

There you just have to select the “IC Web Client” infotype then button create; put your customized IC Webclient profile id there and save it.

Please note the solution is very similar for a IC Win Client.

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