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I cried for that movie…

Published in life, movies, stories by max.favilli, 9/22/2007 0

Richard BrooksI don’t know if you remember last time you cried watching a movie. I honestly couldn’t. But I cried watching this one, Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

I know Richard Brooks work and I am always longing to find his movies to watch; I never had the opportunity to watch this particular one before. It’s a disturbing one, but it’s really a rare jem. Please, watch it.

I love to write from time to time, and probably a little amount of my cries where due to the aknowledgement I will never be able, not even in a million years, to be half as good as Judith Rossner, the author of the novel… Or maybe is just the true story of Roseann Quinn that is so appealing, deeply disturbing appealing…

Please watch it, you will cry too…

And a last wordagain for Richard Brooks, I think I share with him the same envious look at this novel and story, his work as a director is along a very clear path, he always tried to find stories which simply deserved to be told, and he spent his work, ability and craft, to tell those stories, to share it with people… I think this is the beauty of his work… He deserve so much respect for it.

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