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I miss the 80s

Published in life by max.favilli, 11/30/2013 (edited on 12/2/2014 ) 0

I miss the 80s.Maybe it’s because I was a teen in the 80’s; but I do miss the 80s so much. I miss skipping school to play pool; I miss the Queen live at Wembley; I miss Red Ronnie Be Bop A Lula, especially the fanzine with the drawings of Bonvi and all the crazy articles, like the one from The Stranglers about a then unbelievable ‘hole in the ozone layer“… I miss the avid reading of computer magazines with friends of the local computer club, I miss coding on the Commodore Amiga. I miss the Goonies.

I miss the craving of owning an Apple Macintosh one day, particularly now that I own three or four of them. I miss the feeling I had that would have been so cool to become consultant and travel around the world to give smart advices to big enterprises, even knowing now is not that super cool, I still miss that feeling.

I miss that idea of the future, I miss the feeling the future is ahead, I miss the dreaming of all the stuff I would have accomplished.

To put it with Patti La Belle:

I won’t stay here locked behind the door
Baby, stir it up, got to break it up now
When I think about tomorrow, ooh, I can’t wait to

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