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Murphy’s Law of documentation

Published in project-management by max.favilli, 2/1/2008 (edited on 1/20/2015 ) 0


  1. The largest part of documents produced quickly prove to be useless.
  2. The documentation which really prove to be essential and fundamental is the hardest to get but turn out to be the shortest.
  3. The shorter the document is the better it is.
  4. If a kid can’t understand the phrasing neither the consultant will.
  5. Templates are misused 97% of times, at end they often add visual complexity providing little or no help.
  6. Often the general bottom line among consultant seems to be “cut and paste as much useless stuff you can in order to make the document big”, the assumption probably is the client will be impressed by huge documentation. No matter how often this prove to be false the bottom line doesn’t seem to change.

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