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“Pluto is sending us back to the drawing boards.”

Published in life by max.favilli, 8/19/2015 0

A new flyby video of Pluto discovery was released today and it’s again mindblowing…

New Horizons flyby of Pluto, the previously unexplored world on the edge of the solar system is confusing scientists, it’s totally different from what it was expected to be, starting with the flowing ice covering it.

NASA principal investigator Alan Stern opened the Pluto news conference teasing the world: “There are some pretty mind-blowing discoveries.”

Pluto has a much higher and much thicker haze stretching  160 kilometers into the atmosphere, probably responsible for the dwarf planet’s reddish color.

The ice flows appear to be no more than a few tens of millions of years, incredibly recent, so far inexplicably recent for planet just 4.5 billion-year old.

The amazing discoveries of New Horizon about Pluto are “simply a dream come true.” according to NASA scientists, they contradict almost everything we thought we knew about the planet.

Pluto is offering a smooth, young, and active surface on what had been thought to be an old, battered ball of ice.

Pluto is relatively free of craters, while its surface was expected to be heavily marked by billions of years of pummeling by space rocks.

“We have not yet found a single impact crater,” said John Spencer, another NASA investigators on the New Horizons team, “This means that Pluto has a very young surface.”

And there are mountains, thousands of meters high. Which means the planet is geologically active. Unbelievable.

Pluto is “sending a lot of us back to the drawing boards,” said Alan Stern.


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