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Start-up a company in Italy is such a damn stupid choice…

Published in e-commerce, life, start-up by max.favilli, 9/19/2013 (edited on 12/7/2014 ) 2

start up a company in Italy is for crazy peopleOne could write an encyclopedia with the good reasons why it’s stupid to start-up a company in Italy.

The other day I was looking for a solution to manage outboud and inbound text messages aka SMS, there are plenty of good providers on the web, with nice simple API and a reasonable cost:,,… They operate in many countries: USA, UK, Germany, etc… Including places like Spain, Finland, Pakistan… I mean “Pakistan”… But not in Italy… Italy is really the third world for business, and the third world for IT… Christ…

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by tmat - 9/27/2013 alle 6:07 PM
Don't worry Max : France is competing as well on this area & will bypass Italy soon !! ;-(
Risposta di max.favilli il 9/27/2013 alle 9:32 PM
Hi Thierry! Great pleasure to hear from you after so long!