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My take on Blade Runner 2049

Published in movies by max.favilli, 10/17/2017 0

Oh man…

What a waste of visuals, acting and talent.

I like David Villeneuve work a lot. I am not the ultimate Ryan Gosling fan, but I like his acting. And I liked him a lot in Blade Runner 2049.

  1. You won’t regret the money you spent on the ticket
  2. It’s respectful of the original
  3. The visuals are great
  4. You may feel like watching it again for the visuals and the good acting


The story sucks!

I started having doubts the moment the I read the opening crawl. Those are basically trying to redefine the framework for the new story.

And I was asking myself, why? Why do you need to redefine anything for this movie? For this kind of movie? For Blade Runner sequel?

Blade Runner was the movie without a narration, and you want to start explaining things in 2049? You are on the wrong track.

My one and only question for the creatives behind Blade Runner 2049 is why do a sequel to Blade Runner if you don’t have a story?

Ok I can understand that, you love that movie so much, so deeply, that you just crave to have a follow up. I feel that too.

But then…

Please, next time, take you time and write a decent story.

Not this lame.

That’s the best way to honour one of the best movie ever made, take your time and write a decent story. Good visuals and good acting doesn’t make a good movie without a good story.

And Blade Runner deserved a good story too.

This bunch of people…

Could and should have delivered something better.

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