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I like True Detective

Published in life, movies by max.favilli, 10/15/2014 (edited on 12/9/2014 ) 0

True-DetectiveI always loved detective stories. As a teen I was ravished by Dashiell Hammett books (oh boy how much I loved “The Maltese Falcon”) and I later discovered Edward Bunker and his society driven bloody villains descent into depravity (MrBlue would not approve the word “depravity”).

Thus I may be a little too much good hearted in this case, but after watching the whole season 1 of True Detective in the past 48 hours I can’t find better words to express my appreciation than quoting Boris Sollazzo: “The best TV series of all time.

And as Aldo Grasso said, dialogues are mind-blowing, literally.

Only disappointment is in episode 7, when Marty had the brilliant idea which light the final match leading the detectives to the great finale. It sounds like a too easy shortcut in the script.

But I forgive the authors for that, I usually hate series and can’t watch them just because they keep betraying you, with twists and twists to keep you watching through episodes and episodes to sell commercials… True Detective is short and focused.

It’s an elaborate and impressive show, visually astonishing, with jaw dropping dialogue a great cast makes compelling.

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