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Visual Studio 2008 can't handle huge files

Published in software-development by max.favilli, 6/17/2008 (edited on 11/27/2014 ) 0

Yes, Visual Studio 2008 is such a great product, that if you load a 11 MegaByte file in its IDE it does simply crash… Jesus Christ… Guys… Hey… IS THERE ANYBODY THERE IN SEATTLE? What the hell, we are in 2008… God damn 2008… And you wonderful, development environment is not fucking able to manage a file 11 MegaByte… Forgive me for trying… Yes forgive me for trying… You are just the poor Microsoft… The old aunt of software development… Christ….

For the one interested is simply a huge XML file, a SQL extraction… And I am now happily updating it with TextPad, and managing the XSL in VisualStudio… Yes… I need to use a shareware product to workaround a Microsft VisualStudio stupid limit…

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