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Web Marketing

Everyone wants to see their website rank up on top of search engine results, but it takes much more than a few good-looking pages for that to be accomplished.

Building  functional and eye-catching websites with quality content is not enough to stand out organically. Each new search engine algorithm update is stomping out black-hat SEO practices, to achieve exceptional results through white-hat SEO requires executing well in several directions, and a mistake could lead to the website being de-index.

It's an outland for many, where competent agency are a rarity, you should be selective on where to allocate you precious marketing budget.


To significantly grow your organic presence in Google, Bing and other search engines you need to elevate your on-page optimization strategy to market best practice, enhance your website structure and taxonomy, secure your backlink profile is flooding you with juice from sources relevant to your business, and constantly experiment new links sources and new on-page optimization monitoring critical KPIs to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Keyword research
    Often your SEO strategy may involve targeting different keywords than SEM, focusing on different stages of the buying process for the highest return on investment.
  • Optimized content
    Key to successful SEO is content. Keyword density,  Latent Semantic, page design, user generate content, taxonomy; are just few of the many directions you need to push your content strategy.
  • Link building
    The second pillar of SEO is inbound links, a successful link building strategy is fundamental to improve SERP ranking and drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately is not as easy as it may seem, authority of linking root domain, relevancy of root domain content, quality of the linking article or guest post, so many variable can turn an apparently good link into a dangerous enemy impairing your search engine ranking.
  • Continuous analysis
    Constantly analyze SEO metrics: organic traffic by keywords, pace of new backlinks generation, linking root domain, ranking variation for new or updated content, and more; to understand your SEO performance you need to constantly monitor and analyze these metrics.


Investing in PPC advertising drives up traffic immediately, but SEM should only compliments your other marketing activities to ensure the best ROI.

  • Keyword research
    Consider your product descriptions, target customers behavior and industry competitors, to research the best keywords to place your ads in-front of the right customers who are searching for your products to maximize Conversion Rate (CR) and ROI.
  • Campaign analysis & optimization
    Analyzing your campaign data available in AdWords and analytics should be an ongoing continuous activity, monitoring KPI and experimenting to constantly lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
  • Ad copy writing
    Creating compelling ads makes you stand out on the search engine result page and improve Click Through Rate (CTR) driving more potential customers to your website. Continuously experiment multiple ads to test which message best attracts leads and converts them into customers.

Google April 21st mobile update, is it going to crush you?

Published in seo, web-marketing by max.favilli on 3/11/2015 12:27:55 PM

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

One of the most disrupting Google algo update is coming on April 21st. Are you ready?

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eCommerce growth continues at full strength

Published in e-commerce by max.favilli on 3/4/2015 11:16:17 PM

eCommerce growth continues at full strength around the world, with mobile shopping pushing the growth rate to new highs, and alarming decision makers to invest into mobile apps at an even faster pace than before.

According to Forrester, 25 percent of respondents to their last report told they shop weekly from mobile phone. Mobile shopping now accounts for over 30% of eCommerce sales globally according to Criteo, and Comscore does measure mobile shopping acceleration at a peak increase of 47 percent through 2014.

It’s time to take action.

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The E-Commerce of the future

Published in e-commerce, sap-crm-consultant by max.favilli on 3/4/2015 1:23:07 PM

The E-Commerce of the future requires to be a platform-as-a-store; companies who seek to rapidly deploy new digital store features needs agility, needs to be able to swap modular components, needs an interoperable ecosystem to create an online retail store which is constantly up-to-date with new redefining standards for e-commerce. In order to achieve this forget about software, … Continue reading The E-Commerce of the future

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel

Published in e-commerce, sap-crm-consultant by max.favilli on 2/1/2015 12:41:24 PM

Business have just started to digest the “multichannel” concept and a new buzzword emerged: “omnichannel,”. Often used interchangeably these terms are not identical, they’re actually identifying radically different iteration of the sale process morphing from offline to online to a revolutionary concept, that sales are always sales. That every touchpoint in the buying process should be smooth and integrated in a continuous buying experience from the perspective of the consumer.

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How much a Facebook Fan is worth?

Published in web-marketing by max.favilli on 1/31/2015 12:46:38 PM

Yes, another post debunking Facebook marketing effectiveness, this time I want to talk about fan engagement, or fan page interactions.

How easy it is to build a fan base? And to reach out for them to do something like… buying?

How much your Facebook fans are (really) worth?

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What is a good conversion rate?

Published in e-commerce by max.favilli on 12/5/2014 3:22:44 PM

Conversion Rate is probably the most important metric you monitor.

Your website is a black box, traffic is the input, sales is the output, and the internal mechanic of your black box is performing good or bad depending on the resulting conversion rate (CR).

But what should you be comparing your Conversion Rate with?

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