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What are the best 3 pieces of advice you would give to a new project manager?

Published in project-management by max.favilli, 3/8/2012 0
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Read this book.

Be as much open as you can, but whenever you find yourself thinking “should I do that?” don’t do it.

Do things which make sense, don’t do things just because you think someone is expecting you to do them.

Read, study, learn, but at the end do what you feel is right.

No one is going to bring you the solution, you have to find it yourself.

PMO, PMO, PMO, avoid complex charting but keep a basic gantt updated, keep up-to-date tasks list, assignment and due date; you MUST constantly be able to tell what each one of your team is working on and when he/she is supposed to finish, constantly, point.

It’s never too late to recognize a mistake, start from the assumption you will make two or three mistakes a day, accept it.

Make your people happy, it’s your team, bring croissant in the morning, be nice and understanding, invite people to coffee, lunch, dinner, check if anyone need anything done and make it happen.

All the rest is secondary.

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