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Where the hell activity reason is stored?

Published in crm, tables by max.favilli, 09/10/2006 1

Of course you have the guid of the activity (crmd_activity_h) right?
Great, now through CRMD_LINK and CRMD_SRV_OSSET reach table CRMD_SRV_SUBJECT, yes here it is.
And if you want to read the text, just read table QPCT too.

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by Edwin - 26/10/2007 alle 17:35
The GUID between tables CRMD_SRV_OSSET and CRMD_ACTIVITY_H are not corresponding! CRMD_ACTIVITY_H contains over 2000 records, whereas CRMD_SRV_OSSET contains only around 100. A few random searches show that the GUIDs within CRMD_SRV_OSSET are not found in CRMD_ACTIVITY_H