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Who I am

Published by max.favilli, 6/16/2007 (edited on 11/29/2014 ) 0

My name is Max Favilli, I was born on 4th June 1971 at local general hospital Lotti in Pontedera early in the morning, it was raining heavily that day and it keep raining for the whole week.

During my childhood my mum was pretty sure I would have become a drugs smuggler or a thief, instead I become a Consultant (the irony is unwanted).

I spent the last 18 years on the field advising my customers on SAP implementations, CRM projects, and more recently on Web Marketing strategies and E-Commerce best practice.

When I am not working I enjoy freediving, reading books, cooking, cute girls my girlfriend wife, and riding my motorbike.

You can find pretty much information about my work and my personal life on the web:

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