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You can hire me!

Published by max.favilli, 2/15/2007 (edited on 3/14/2015 ) 0

Yes you can I am actually not looking, very much focused on the company I launched last year and hopefully able to make a living with it soon. But you can still check my online CV, and get in touch if you have something really interesting to talk about.

I am used to be a freelance and I to work for whoever can could afford my rates and have had an interesting project which required my help.

  • I usually help my customers take the right decisions about their CRM strategy.
  • I help them design the right solution, build a great project team, and implement something which not only enable their business but differentiate their company from the competition,
  • I can help you understand how to promote your products and services on the web, how to monitor your internet presence and how to maximize your web marketing ROI.


  • I don’t have all the answers; nobody knows everything, and the more you learn the more you realize there’s even more you don’t know.
  • I usually make few errors a day, but as someone said “the only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.” (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • I won’t tell you always what you want to hear, because I prefer commitment and fairness to ass-kissing.

My daily rate is 1200 € / day, plus expenses.

If you want to contact me, write me at

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